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This supercharged Speed ​​Bike is made for daily trips, to quickly reach the city center if you live on the outskirts. Thanks to its overpowered engine, it plays with long stretches of road. Effortlessly reaching 45 km/h, it can easily replace the car for your trips. The assistance speed is variable, which allows you to slow down when approaching intersections and in dense urban areas, making your journeys comfortable and fast with each pedal stroke.
  • Power 850W
  • Max speed 45 km/h
  • 2 years warranty

The Speed ​​Bike Scrambler V replaces your car

Powerful, safe and practical, the Scrambler V speed bike has all the assets to replace your car. Onemile has put all its know-how to develop a vehicle adapted to everyday uses, more respectful of the environment and which does not overlook the style.

A comfortable and safe speed bike

The digital display of the Scrambler V speed bike is a real dashboard. On this screen, you control your pace by programming several gear modes adapted to your driving style. You thus control your machine and ride with confidence. To prevent any risk of theft, this display also allows you to configure a personal lock code.

off road tires with a diameter of 20 inches and a width of 4 inches ensure a very good grip on all surfaces. Equipped with inner tubes and coupled to a hydraulic suspension system at the front and rear, they effectively absorb all the roughness of the road.

Feet well wedged on the bottom bracket, hands holding the handles firmly, you sit on a wide comfortable and stylized saddle. That's it, you have found the ideal position to ride in complete serenity!

A speed bike with elegant style

Onemile makes it a point of honor to develop vehicles with a neat and harmonious design. This notion of aesthetics is part of the DNA of the Alsatian brand. Inspired by the codes of the 70s/80s brought up to date, Onemile offers an electric bike with a real personality.

The open frame (V-shaped) and the seat a little lower than that of the Scrambler S allow you to easily ride the Scrambler V speed bike . Once again, Onemile puts design at the service of the user.

A powerful and practical speed bike

The 850 Watts engine gives power and dynamism to the Scrambler V. Responsive, with a good acceleration capacity, it competes widely against cars and motorcycles in urban areas. Watch Electron's test video for an overview of the features of the Scramber V speed bike.

Rechargeable in just four hours, the 52 Volts / 12.4 Ah battery of your Scrambler V speed bike offers a range of up to 30 to 70 kilometers. Removable, you can double this distance by taking with you an additional battery. Enough to spend long weekends in perfect independence. You can also take your removable battery to the office or in your home to recharge it without cluttering!

data sheet


52V 12.4Ah

Motor power

850W rear hub motor

30~70km (depend on speed mode)

Maximum speed


Tire size


Tire type

Off road tire + inner tube



brake system

NUTT hydraulic disc brake


Adjustable hydraulic suspension+Rear shock

Maximum gradeability

Up to 25%


Ultra powerful LED x3 front (day + crossing + full headlight) / rear light


58.8V 3A

Maximum Loading



Unfold size: 181 X 73 X 120 cm


Structure 2 years / Parts 2 years / Battery 1 year


Black, Blue, White



Manpower, assistance, electric

30 to 70 km range

Power 850W

Wheels 20x4"

Battery 52V 12,4Ah

Front/rear disc brakes

Example title

Example title

Three colors

Design & Equipment

SCRAMBLER V has a good design quality.

The 52V12.4Ah battery is removable , allowing you to charge it with ease (4h).

Compliant with EEC "motorcycle" legislation, you can use all its power safely and legally on public roads!

It is equipped with all the required accessories : horn, rear-view mirror, 3-position front (daytime, low beam, full headlight) and rear lighting, large luggage rack, reinforced stand and USB port.

The screen color is configurable.

Some settings on the display are possible such as: determining the maximum speed in electric mode / generating a personal unlocking code for Security.

Saddle height: 80 cm.


The 850W motor gives power and dynamism to this SCRAMBLER.

This electric Speed ​​Bike is one of a kind, both in terms of its ergonomics, its carefully selected components and its materials. It houses a battery capable of fully recharging in just 4 hours and offering you between 30 and 70 km of autonomy depending on the assistance mode.

Comfort & safety

Wide 4-inch COMFORT tires suitable for all surfaces.

Front adjustable telescopic fork , NUTT hydraulic disc brakes.

Equipment meeting the same safety criteria as a motorcycle : lighting, day and night, horn, rear-view mirror.


Conditions requises du produit :

• être neuf

• être immatriculé en France dans une série définitive

• ne pas être vendu dans l’année suivant sa 1ère immatriculation, ni avant d’avoir parcouru 2 000 kilomètres

La demande de l’aide doit être formulée au plus tard dans les 6 mois suivants l’achat.

Plus d’informations sur :

Pour bénéficier de l’aide, l’utilisateur devra être majeur et domicilié en France.


• Les vélos dont l’assistance n’est pas limitée à 25 km/h, que l’on appelle Speed bike (Catégorie L1e) et dont il est question ici, dépendent de la législation cyclomoteur, norme européenne EEC.

• Cette norme est nécessaire pour pouvoir utiliser son speed-bike en toute légalité. Elle vous permet de circuler librement partout au même titre qu’une moto. Cela est aussi un gage de qualité produit.

• En contrepartie, l’heureux propriétaire du speed bike est naturellement tenu de respecter un certain nombre de critères tels que :

• L’établissement de la carte grise, l’immatriculation, la souscription à une assurance et être titulaire du permis AM (ex BSR, brevet de sécurité routière), excepté s’il est né avant le 1er janvier 1988.

• En France, l’utilisateur d’un Speed bike doit également porter un casque homologué cyclomoteur et des gants renforcés.

• Enfin puisque les Speed Bikes sont considérés comme des cyclomoteurs, leur utilisation est limitée aux mêmes « terrains de jeu ». De fait, les pistes cyclables classiques ne sont pas autorisées aux Speed bikes. Mais qui roulerait à 45 km/h sur une piste cyclable ?

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