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This model has everything to please! Fun, handy and customizable! This scooter is very accomplished because a lot of care and time has been spent to make it the ideal scooter!
It is one of a kind, thanks to the removable battery. Once you arrive at your destination, you can leave your scooter on the ground floor and only take the battery to recharge it. It will make your life easier! Reassuring, the battery locking/unlocking system is keyed (double supplied). Placed on your desk or in your kitchen, the battery turns into a Power bank (for your phone for example) because it is equipped with a USB charger.
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30-70km range

Range: up to 35KM

350w motor

Wheels 20x4"

Battery 36V 10.5Ah

disc brakes

Example title

Example title

Three colors

Driving comfort

Its 350W motor allows for smooth city traffic. Equipped with SAMSUNG 10.5Ah cells, Model S8 offers up to 35km of autonomy.

3 speed modes are available and can be selected on the elegant touch screen: mode 1 (On) mode 2 (Normal) and mode 3 (Sport).

True Onemile DNA, particular attention has once again been paid to the electronic management and engine of the Model S8. In fact, by using mode 3 (Sport), you will benefit from a liveliness that is quite rare on a 36V model and will get out of traffic faster, to the benefit of your safety.

Reliable and secure

The reinforced folding system has a double safety feature and has been designed to last. There are also air tires, rear suspension for comfort and a weight of only 15.5kg (including 3kg of battery).

If you're driving at night? you'll discover all the efficiency of the triple front lighting. The powerful lighting in the lower section is vertically adjustable. The next 2 provide an elegant lighting signature that will set you apart from other riders while allowing you to be seen by all road users.

Design and customizable

But the most fun with Model S8 is for the first time the possibility of customizing your scooter very easily yourself thanks to its interchangeable apron shells: Red, yellow, Blue. Only a few screws to remove and you're done! Changing the color of your trott' like changing the cover of your phone, it's new and it's fun!

Last detail: did we tell you that there was an integrated bag holder on the fork? further proof that a lot of care has gone into the finish of Model S8.

With Model S8, Safety and Comfort don't prevent you from riding Fun!