Scrambler S
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Speed Bike - Onemile

Riding a Onemile is fun and safe! After the electric scooter, ONEMILE is now tackling speed bikes! True Onemile DNA, special attention has once again been paid to the electronic management and equipment of the SCRAMBLER S.

This supercharged speed bike is made for daily journeys, to quickly reach the city centre if you live on the outskirts. Thanks to its high-powered engine, it can cope with long stretches of road. Reaching 45 km/h effortlessly, it can easily replace the car for your trips. The assistance speed is variable, allowing you to slow down as you approach intersections and in dense urban areas, making your journeys comfortable and fast with every stroke of the pedal.


Weight 31kg
30 to 70 km (depending on the type of assistance)
Max. speed 45km/h
Max. load 125kg
175 x 73 X 115 cm
Crossing 25
SAMSUNG 52V 12,4Ah
Charging time 4 hours
Power 850W
NUTT hydraulic disc brake
AV Suspension hydraulic
20x4" Wheels with Off Road Tyres + Inner Tubes

Design & Equipment

SCRAMBLER S benefits from a beautiful design quality.

The 52V12.4Ah battery is removable, allowing you to charge it easily (4h). In accordance with legislation, it is equipped with all the required accessories: horn, rear-view mirror, 3-position front lighting (day, dipped beam, full headlight) and rear lighting, large luggage rack, reinforced stand and USB port. 

The colour of the screen can be adjusted.

Possible settings: Determine max. speed in electric mode / Unlock code


The 850W motor gives power and dynamism to this SCRAMBLER. 

This electric speed-bike is a real technical feat, both in terms of its ergonomics, its carefully selected components and its materials. It houses a battery capable of being fully recharged in just 4 hours and offers you between 30 and 70 km of autonomy depending on the assistance mode.

Comfort & safety

Wide 4 inch Comfort type tyres suitable for all surfaces.

Front adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers, NUTT hydraulic disc brakes. 

Equipment meeting the same safety criteria as a motorbike: lighting, day and night, horn, rear-view mirror. 

Four colours

Speed-bike, benefits and obligations

Riding a speed bike is fun and fast, but it also implies respecting certain rules.

Bikes with an assistance not limited to 25 km/h, called Speed bike (Category L1e) and discussed here, depend on the moped legislation, European EEC standard.

This standard is necessary to be able to use your speed-bike legally. It allows you to circulate freely everywhere just like a motorbike. It is also a guarantee of product quality. 

On the other hand, the happy owner of the speed-bike is naturally obliged to respect a certain number of criteria such as : 

The establishment of a vehicle registration document, registration, taking out an insurance policy and holding an AM licence (ex BSR, road safety certificate), except if he was born before 1 January 1988.
In France, the user of a Speed bike must also wear a moped-approved helmet and reinforced gloves.

Finally, since Speed bikes are considered as mopeds, their use is limited to the same “playgrounds”. In fact, conventional cycle tracks are not authorised for Speed bikes.

But who would ride at 45 km/h on a cycle track?

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