HALO CITY E-SCOOTER & Electric Scooter Online
HALO CITY - Onemilebike
HALO CITY - Onemilebike
HALO CITY - Onemilebike
HALO CITY - Onemilebike
HALO CITY - Onemilebike
HALO CITY - Onemilebike

HALO CITY E-SCOOTER & Electric Scooter Online

Cyclomobile - Onemile - EEC approved model
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Belonging to the new category of "light mopeds"*, this electric balance bike now has access to cycle paths! 100% Onemile innovation, Halo City is the result of 3 years of R&D and is the subject of around twenty patents. These efforts have been rewarded with prestigious awards including the 1st prize of the Red Dot Design Award. This distinction had never been granted for a vehicle of this type before, thus ahead of major global brands in all categories! Its structure designed using a 3D mold is made without welding. Everything is thought out to make the e-scooter robust, light and easy to use. Made of noble materials (carbon, magnesium, aluminum), it combines all the latest technologies for maximum quality.
  • Counterpart
  • Max speed 25 km/h
  • 2 years warranty


Weight 16KG

Max autonomy 30km

Power 300W

10 inch inflatable tire

36V 8.7Ah battery

Front/rear disc brakes

Example title

Example title

Two colors

Compact and lightweight

This balance bike is so compact that it fits without any problem in the trunk of the smallest city cars. With its dimensions of 102 x 24 x 38 cm folded, Halo City can be taken anywhere . In the trunk of a Smart, but also in a motorhome or in a boat. There is simply no usage limit . Halo City is easily pulled with its handle located at the fork. This electric balance bike weighs only 16.5 kg.

Comfortable and safe

Halo City is equipped with an innovative LED-based light system integrated around the halo-shaped handlebars. The SAMSUNG cell battery recharges in 4 hours for 25 to 35 km of autonomy.

Halo City is equipped with a USB socket to charge a smartphone while using the e-scooter. The saddle has been co-developed with SELLE ROYAL to provide the most suitable design for the Halo City and features an innovative shock absorber in its stem. A silicone layer covers the saddle for better comfort.

Carbon, Magnesium, Aluminum Robustness and quality

The main structure Halo City is designed based on a mold made in 3D in which aluminum is cast in a single block.

RESULT: no soldering. The absence of die-casting makes it possible to preserve all the mechanical properties of the metals used.

Carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum make the e-scooter very light while respecting the very strict European standards. The front and rear wheels are equipped with a disc brake system to guarantee good braking in all weather conditions.


14 janvier 2022, le cyclomobile entre dans le code de la route. Le décret n° 2022-31 donne aux draisiennes une existence propre et leur ouvre l’accès aux pistes cyclables.

Les cyclomobiles légers sont définis comme une sous-catégorie des cyclomoteurs (L1eB). À ce titre, ils sont soumis à un règlement européen (R168/2013) qui encadre les engins destinés à circuler sur la route, et non à la Directive machine (2) à laquelle répondent les EDPM. Entre les deux, une différence de taille : les cyclomobiles légers doivent être homologués.

ONEMILE n’a pas reculé devant cette procédure longue et en est aujourd’hui récompensé. Les cyclomobiles ONEMILE sont en effet les seuls qui respectent la nouvelle législation.


• Circuler sur pistes cyclables

• Avoir un véhicule homologué

• Avoir une assurance en responsabilité civile

• Ne pas dépasser les 25 km/h

• Port du casque fortement recommandé 

• 12 ans minimum 

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